Unlike other kinds of content, SEO articles are different? There’s a crossover when it comes to other article types. Search engine optimized articles are mainly written to make Google’s keywords more visible. There are some guidelines that could help improve the chances of ranking better as far as SEO content writing is concerned. Nonetheless, many of the recommendations for writing SEO posts are like reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Too much is trendy, and many recommendations are either unproven or contradictory.  

It is highly recommended that you don’t think too much about implementing all the suggestions that you hear from others. Google is quite smart, so it’s best to make the content as important as possible for your target audience. Even so, here are some guidelines to live by.  

1. Research.   

You need to use the correct keywords. Do keyword research before writing an SEO article. Learn what keywords and phrases people use when searching on Google. Make a note of how often the keywords are used every month. That will let you know what keywords are competitive. The right keywords are those with thousands of searches monthly. These are the most competitive keywords.   

2. Use the keywords correctly.   

You’ll face a difficult challenge getting ranked for these words to get your material on the first page of the search results. On the other hand, more complex keywords and long-tail are typically less searchable and less competitive. These might be more special to your company and thus attract more important readers. Create a good list of different keywords and check for 10 to 50 hits each month. This should be a great starting point. You may also be concerned as to where to place these keywords in the articles. Most people say that you have to mention the keywords many times in the article. Most people say it must be 2 or 3 percent of your post’s overall word count.  

3) Write something helpful.   

This is most critical of all SEO tips. The internet is full of garbage do you really want to give Google and your readers something valuable. The internet is mainly a resource for messaging. You also found that a lot of those long-tail and complex keywords can lead to indirect or explicit questions that might want to answer. These pertain to the specific questions that Google gets from your potential customers who are in search of information. You are either helping them look for a service provider or answer their problem with it.  

4) Hire a professional.   

SEO has a lot of nuances that only a professional knows about. In reality, nobody but Google knows how its search algorithm operates. It means that a devaluation is inevitable. The results will always be based on what’s working at the moment and what doesn’t. Before, short blogs are good. Now, Google wants longer articles. Google respects authoritative contents, the most indexed posts are usually 600 words or more. To know more about SEO, do consult with an SEO Long Beach expert to help you out.