How Men Should be Wearing Rings

A ring on your fingers is not just an ordinary accessory. It reveals something about your achievements, commitments, and beliefs. Whatever kinds of rings you put, be it silver, gold, or tungsten rings, they need to be properly worn especially when you are a man.  

Don’t get me wrong, it is not being stereotypical. For a thousand years, men have worn rings to signal wealth, status, association, and commitment. And if you are wearing some, or planning to wear one or more rings on your fingers, you need to know the finer points of ring wearing etiquette.  

There are simply many traditions of jewelry wearing, and rings are not an exemption. Reading this article will help you effectively wear your rings and efficiently make a statement without opening your mouth -but just flashing your little circles on your fingers. 

The Right and Left-Hand Rule 

In general, there are no strict rules that indicate which hand you need to use when wearing a ring. However, engagement rings are an exemption. American men mostly wear their rings on their left hand, in contrast to a married man in an Eastern Orthodox church that puts his ring on the right hand.  

The right hand symbolizes and represents the dominant and active aspect of your life, while the left represents your beliefs and character. However, this could also be different from the left-handed perspective.  

Ring on the middle finger  

Some amateurs ring wearers usually wear their rings on their middle fingers because they are more manly and central. However, for those who wear rings for several years now, they do not see it as fitting because anything bulky on the middle finger will cause hindrances when doing your daily tasks. So, wear something light and simple on these fingers. 

A ring on the pinky Finger 

The pinky finger or the smallest fingers of your hand are adorned for creating a statement and are considered to be the busiest fingers among the rest. This is because the pinky fingers are not associate with any traditional and religious beliefs, and are isolated from the rest of the fingers. So, it is adorned for fancy and not for any beliefs.  

A ring on the thumb 

A ring on this finger indicates influence and wealth and is a great choice for men who want to wear multiple rings on their hands. The rings on this finger usually are the bold but simple type.  

A ring on the point finger 

A ring on the index fingers has a long history especially in Europe and is now associated with familial status, and can be used for fraternal rings, class rings, or any membership crests.  

The ring (fourth) finger 

These fingers (on the left and right hands) are commonly associated with your relationship status. A ring on the left fourth ring finger indicates engagement and a ring on the right fourth ring finger indicates marriage.  

Traditionally, men and women wear silver or gold bands, especially for marriage. This is not to say that other ring designs are inappropriate, but the silver and gold are more preferred.