How Men Should be Wearing Rings

A ring on your fingers is not just an ordinary accessory. It reveals something about your achievements, commitments, and beliefs. Whatever kinds of rings you put, be it silver, gold, or tungsten rings, they need to be properly worn especially when you are a man.  

Don’t get me wrong, it is not being stereotypical. For a thousand years, men have worn rings to signal wealth, status, association, and commitment. And if you are wearing some, or planning to wear one or more rings on your fingers, you need to know the finer points of ring wearing etiquette.  

There are simply many traditions of jewelry wearing, and rings are not an exemption. Reading this article will help you effectively wear your rings and efficiently make a statement without opening your mouth -but just flashing your little circles on your fingers. 

The Right and Left-Hand Rule 

In general, there are no strict rules that indicate which hand you need to use when wearing a ring. However, engagement rings are an exemption. American men mostly wear their rings on their left hand, in contrast to a married man in an Eastern Orthodox church that puts his ring on the right hand.  

The right hand symbolizes and represents the dominant and active aspect of your life, while the left represents your beliefs and character. However, this could also be different from the left-handed perspective.  

Ring on the middle finger  

Some amateurs ring wearers usually wear their rings on their middle fingers because they are more manly and central. However, for those who wear rings for several years now, they do not see it as fitting because anything bulky on the middle finger will cause hindrances when doing your daily tasks. So, wear something light and simple on these fingers. 

A ring on the pinky Finger 

The pinky finger or the smallest fingers of your hand are adorned for creating a statement and are considered to be the busiest fingers among the rest. This is because the pinky fingers are not associate with any traditional and religious beliefs, and are isolated from the rest of the fingers. So, it is adorned for fancy and not for any beliefs.  

A ring on the thumb 

A ring on this finger indicates influence and wealth and is a great choice for men who want to wear multiple rings on their hands. The rings on this finger usually are the bold but simple type.  

A ring on the point finger 

A ring on the index fingers has a long history especially in Europe and is now associated with familial status, and can be used for fraternal rings, class rings, or any membership crests.  

The ring (fourth) finger 

These fingers (on the left and right hands) are commonly associated with your relationship status. A ring on the left fourth ring finger indicates engagement and a ring on the right fourth ring finger indicates marriage.  

Traditionally, men and women wear silver or gold bands, especially for marriage. This is not to say that other ring designs are inappropriate, but the silver and gold are more preferred.  

How to Create SEO Articles that Work

Unlike other kinds of content, SEO articles are different? There’s a crossover when it comes to other article types. Search engine optimized articles are mainly written to make Google’s keywords more visible. There are some guidelines that could help improve the chances of ranking better as far as SEO content writing is concerned. Nonetheless, many of the recommendations for writing SEO posts are like reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Too much is trendy, and many recommendations are either unproven or contradictory.  

It is highly recommended that you don’t think too much about implementing all the suggestions that you hear from others. Google is quite smart, so it’s best to make the content as important as possible for your target audience. Even so, here are some guidelines to live by.  

1. Research.   

You need to use the correct keywords. Do keyword research before writing an SEO article. Learn what keywords and phrases people use when searching on Google. Make a note of how often the keywords are used every month. That will let you know what keywords are competitive. The right keywords are those with thousands of searches monthly. These are the most competitive keywords.   

2. Use the keywords correctly.   

You’ll face a difficult challenge getting ranked for these words to get your material on the first page of the search results. On the other hand, more complex keywords and long-tail are typically less searchable and less competitive. These might be more special to your company and thus attract more important readers. Create a good list of different keywords and check for 10 to 50 hits each month. This should be a great starting point. You may also be concerned as to where to place these keywords in the articles. Most people say that you have to mention the keywords many times in the article. Most people say it must be 2 or 3 percent of your post’s overall word count.  

3) Write something helpful.   

This is most critical of all SEO tips. The internet is full of garbage do you really want to give Google and your readers something valuable. The internet is mainly a resource for messaging. You also found that a lot of those long-tail and complex keywords can lead to indirect or explicit questions that might want to answer. These pertain to the specific questions that Google gets from your potential customers who are in search of information. You are either helping them look for a service provider or answer their problem with it.  

4) Hire a professional.   

SEO has a lot of nuances that only a professional knows about. In reality, nobody but Google knows how its search algorithm operates. It means that a devaluation is inevitable. The results will always be based on what’s working at the moment and what doesn’t. Before, short blogs are good. Now, Google wants longer articles. Google respects authoritative contents, the most indexed posts are usually 600 words or more. To know more about SEO, do consult with an SEO Long Beach expert to help you out.   

Gifts Ideas for Your Male Friends and Boyfriends

We tend to give gifts to our friends not because it is the day that they are born but because we appreciate some of the things that they are doing for us and there is nothing wrong when it comes to doing this matter. At the same time, we believe about the saying that it is nicer and better to give to others than to receive something from someone, but it is a good feeling to receive or get something from the one that we love the most and we know that they remembered our birthdays or the special day. Soolip gifts and services believed that there is more thing that you can do in order to celebrate a very special event and it is not always about the present that you need to think about but it is more on how you are going to make this thing extra special and memorable to them.  

For most of the girls, it is going to be a hard and difficult time for them to consider buying gifts to their male friends or to their boyfriends as most of the men don’t know what they really want and if they have something that they like, it could cost an arm and a leg. There are times that you need to know the right color or the perfect size for them in order for it to be more useful and they would be able to use this one more and more and appreciate your gift unlike for girls that they are more appreciative when it comes to the presents that they are receiving every time. We can give you some ideas here about the stuff that you can consider to buy and give them during the special gatherings or on the day of their birth.  

You have to remember that different types of events and gatherings or occasions would mean different importance and that is one thing that you have to think deeply about. If you are having a boyfriend, then you might be thinking something special to be given every anniversary or during his birthday which is totally different if you are going to give him a present for Christmas eve. Most of us would think that we can settle for something that is very easy to find and convenient for many to use like the shirt and the different types of jackets and sweaters.  

You may want to get some suggestions from his friends or there is a chance that you need to know more about his interest and likes and try to think if you can afford this one or not. Don’t mention things about him so that he would get the unpredictable one and it is very hard to be guessed so that he would be surprised when he received that one. Some wanted to have a concert ticket because they are addicted to the games or the band in your country and it is a nice experience as well to have a good time in another country.  

Choosing the Right Piece of Jewelry

It can be hard to choose the right jewelry. People often end up waiting for someone to give them a jewelry gift. It isn’t because they cannot afford it. The main reason is that people are indecisive. There are a lot of choices out there. Furthermore, trends are constantly changing. Thus, it can be a hard choice. People get lost in tons of styles and designs.  

When choosing a piece of Nautical Jewelry, you have to consider various categories. Here are several tips that you can follow: 

Know the Trend 

You’ve got to ensure you read the most recent online articles and magazines about what’s trending in fashion and what styles are coming in the future. Perhaps the most popular magazines are InStyle and Vogue. They’re also the first ones to get the latest news in the fashion industry. You’ll be first to know if you do this. Thus, you can visit the jewelry shop and buy what’s trending today. 


For every category of jewelry, there are various forms of jewelry. This includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

You can always purchase various kinds of jewelry together. For instance, earrings and necklaces can match and you might simply have to purchase them together. However, it isn’t required. You can simply purchase one. This is particularly true when it comes to statement pieces. You’ve got to ensure that you combine the same categories of jewelry. 


You have to think about how much you’re willing and able to spend. After that, you can then pick shops that will meet your budget. You should be wise with your money and purchase real gold jewelry if you’ve got a high budget since these pieces of jewelry last for a lifetime. You can purchase high-street jewelry if you’re on a tight budget. You can purchase tons of various pieces. This includes sterling silver items and gold plated items. Over time, you can build your jewelry box. Thus, you shouldn’t worry much if you’re on a low budget.  


You need to ensure that you’re at ease when wearing your jewelry. If you’re going out for a long period, it is ideal to not wear something that’s extremely heavy. To make things simple, just don’t wear or purchase something that you aren’t comfortable with.  


When choosing your jewelry, you also have to think about your wardrobe. This will help you properly choose ones that will match your style.  

  • Statement 

If you love to wear simple and plain clothing that does not have exciting colors or patterns, then you should wear statement pieces.  

  • Preppy 

Heart necklaces and monograms are an ideal addition if you want to look like a geeky type of schoolgirl.  

  • Elegant 

Do you like dressing up? If this is the case, then perhaps pearls and diamonds is the right one for you. You can match them with your fancy clothes, high-heels, and handbag. 

  • Sentimental 

Of course, it can be hard to replace your current jewelry. If this is the case for you, you can match it with another sentimental piece.  

Tips in Controlling Your Anger

Feeling the emotion of anger is normal. In fact, anger could be a positive emotion once it aids you in coping with problems or issues regardless if that’s at home or at work. But anger could be challenging once it leads to physical altercations, outbursts, or aggression. Anger management is vital to help you prevent doing or saying something you might regret afterward. Before your anger gets worse, you can utilize the following techniques to control your anger: 

Have a breather 

Once you become angry, your breathing tends to speed up and gets shallower. Thankfully, you can effectively reverse your anger and that trend by inhaling deep and slow breaths from your nose and then exhaling out of your mouth several times.  

Count down 

If you think that you’re about to get mad, control your feelings and count up or down from 1-10 or vice versa. If you are really mad, you can begin at 100. During the moment it needs you to count, you can make your heart rate slower, causing your anger to subside. 

Go walk around 

It is recognized that exercise can help in reducing your anger and calming your nerves. You can opt to ride a bike, go for a walk, or even play golf. Any activity that gets your limbs working is great for your body and mind.  

Repeat a mantra 

Look for a phrase or word that can help you refocus and calm down. If you are angry, just remember the phrase and keep on repeating it to yourself. Such words or phrases could be “You’ll be fine,” “take it easy,” and “Relax.” 

Relax your muscles 

What it takes to slowly relax and tense different muscle groups in your body simultaneously is progressive muscle relaxation. While you release and tense, have deliberate and slow breaths. 


Two of the great examples of non-strenuous movements similar to yoga are shoulder rolls and neck rolls. These movements can aid you in harnessing your emotions and controlling your body. There’s no need to have fancy equipment.  

Play some music 

Allot music to transport you away from what you currently feel. Put in your earphones or go to your vehicle and start listening to your favorite music. Then you can bop, hum, sing, or sashay away from the anger that you feel. 

Escape mentally 

Once angry, try to go into a quiet room, shut your eyes, and try to visualize yourself in a relaxing scenario. Concentrate on the imaginary scene’s details. You can pay attention to different things you can see such as knowing how a chirping bird sounds, how tall are the mountains or even the color of the water. This technique can aid you to be calm amidst anger.  

Stop talking 

Once you feel that you’re steamed, you might be enticed to allow to let out the bad words you are thinking, however, you should keep in mind that doing so can only do harm than good. As much as possible, you should shut up, stop talking, and act as if your lips are glued. Use this moment of silence to process and collect your thoughts properly.