Tips in Controlling Your Anger

Feeling the emotion of anger is normal. In fact, anger could be a positive emotion once it aids you in coping with problems or issues regardless if that’s at home or at work. But anger could be challenging once it leads to physical altercations, outbursts, or aggression. Anger management is vital to help you prevent doing or saying something you might regret afterward. Before your anger gets worse, you can utilize the following techniques to control your anger: 

Have a breather 

Once you become angry, your breathing tends to speed up and gets shallower. Thankfully, you can effectively reverse your anger and that trend by inhaling deep and slow breaths from your nose and then exhaling out of your mouth several times.  

Count down 

If you think that you’re about to get mad, control your feelings and count up or down from 1-10 or vice versa. If you are really mad, you can begin at 100. During the moment it needs you to count, you can make your heart rate slower, causing your anger to subside. 

Go walk around 

It is recognized that exercise can help in reducing your anger and calming your nerves. You can opt to ride a bike, go for a walk, or even play golf. Any activity that gets your limbs working is great for your body and mind.  

Repeat a mantra 

Look for a phrase or word that can help you refocus and calm down. If you are angry, just remember the phrase and keep on repeating it to yourself. Such words or phrases could be “You’ll be fine,” “take it easy,” and “Relax.” 

Relax your muscles 

What it takes to slowly relax and tense different muscle groups in your body simultaneously is progressive muscle relaxation. While you release and tense, have deliberate and slow breaths. 


Two of the great examples of non-strenuous movements similar to yoga are shoulder rolls and neck rolls. These movements can aid you in harnessing your emotions and controlling your body. There’s no need to have fancy equipment.  

Play some music 

Allot music to transport you away from what you currently feel. Put in your earphones or go to your vehicle and start listening to your favorite music. Then you can bop, hum, sing, or sashay away from the anger that you feel. 

Escape mentally 

Once angry, try to go into a quiet room, shut your eyes, and try to visualize yourself in a relaxing scenario. Concentrate on the imaginary scene’s details. You can pay attention to different things you can see such as knowing how a chirping bird sounds, how tall are the mountains or even the color of the water. This technique can aid you to be calm amidst anger.  

Stop talking 

Once you feel that you’re steamed, you might be enticed to allow to let out the bad words you are thinking, however, you should keep in mind that doing so can only do harm than good. As much as possible, you should shut up, stop talking, and act as if your lips are glued. Use this moment of silence to process and collect your thoughts properly. 

How to Effectively Promote Your Podcast?

Nowadays, a podcast has been one of the most well-known channels that deliver content. As a matter of fact, the audio phenomenon is still rising up to this date. In 2018, over 12 million people have listened and paid attention to podcasts for the first time. This is an important boost that only implies so much more beyond anything else regarding the kind of content the users of today want and the trends for the following years to come. If you are one of those who want to begin streaming their own shows, expect to encounter extreme setbacks and problems before you got on top and make your show, video podcast, or podcast series well-known. Here are some ideas for you to effectively promote your podcast: 

Upload it on iTunes 

 Based on Neiman Lab, almost 70% of the activity of listening to podcasts usually occurs on iTunes. This, if you want to make your podcast popular and get yourself up there, you should take this opportunity. Make sure to upload your podcast series through iTunes and guarantee to make it accessible.  

Leverage the audience of your guests 

You should make use of your guests’—if you have any– followers and fans. Yes, you can actually have someone you can feature as guests on your podcasts who could be professional or popular individuals that have a high fan base. You need to aim in making their audience your own. There is a possibility that the moment you feature an influencer on your podcast, the others might request to visit you and collaborate with you in your following session. After you publish an episode that features them, they will definitely share your podcast. Influencer marketing can provide you access to a more massive audience, which can eventually provide you more listeners. 

Share your podcast in any platforms of social media 

Marketing a podcast is actually simple to do nowadays provided that almost all listeners can also be found on social media platforms. You can make use of these platforms and utilize their popularity at your convenience. You can start by having such accounts or even creating several accounts.  

Record several contents 

Before you anticipate to get a lot of audiences, guarantee that you have sufficient content you can promote. In fact, you must begin your podcast series just once you have approximately 2-3 episodes you can begin with.  

Make a cohesive visual brand 

Visuals, such as artworks, must be added to the marketing plan of your podcast. Inf act, they must be thought of right from the beginning. The logo or image of your podcast will be the first element that people can help identify your show. Hence, your logo or image needs to elicit a great impression from your viewers just by looking at it. You can also utilize visuals for your promotion of social media. Or you can take one step further by publishing your podcast on YouTube and social media in the form of a video podcast for an additional appeal to it.